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Complete the form below so that we can make sure you are official. This is the proof that you are qualified, registered with the FCA and up-to-date with their CPD training, as without it you are not allowed to trade. Please enter the details for each IFA to become a member of Find it Near Me.

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Together we want to promote the IFA industry and get more people to choose an independent whenever they need financial advice that works for them. Ultimately we want this to be THE community for IFAs to find clients, share ideas, and more.

What type of listing will work for you?

Free Listing - £0

We have already collated freely available data/info to create the directory. Each free listing will include the name of the business and telephone number, plus your address so any people browsing the site can find where you are located. However, we are inviting other advisers to join and give everyone the chance to upgrade these listings if you wish.

Premium Listing - Prices from £20 + VAT p/m

If you want to take your listings to the next level you can choose Premium. It has more information than a Free listing, including your logo, adviser name and FCA number, and a link to your website. When someone searches for an adviser in their town, you will appear prominently at the top of the list, only below Premium Plus listings (read about those below!).

You have the option to register in more than one town so it is easy to increase your coverage. E.g. If your business can cover three towns for clients to be within 30 minutes travel distance from your office, you could pay for all three areas.

Premium Plus Listing - Prices from £100 + VAT p/m

If you want the best exposure, you can choose Premium Plus. Here you get everything from the option above and so much more. For starters, you will have a listing on the home page of the directory so people can see your details without even doing a search. You will also appear at the top of the results in the locations on the directory.

More importantly, this option gives you an advert on the location pages of our main website. These are the pages that will link to our Adwords campaign so could have a huge amount of traffic. Each advert will be your logo and provide a link directly to your site. There will only be 2 or 3 per location though, so they are very limited.

Technical Support - Priced individually

This option is a service that goes beyond everything else we do. Here we will support you in developing your business and online marketing. This can include exclusive offers for website design and development, PPC campaigns, organic search, and more.

+ Lead Buyer - Priced individually

A big part of our new matching service is we will be inviting clients to submit their information to us directly. We will contact them and get a much better understanding of what they need. Then we will hand pick an IFA to help them. If you join us as lead buyers we will make sure you are one of the IFAs we recommend, giving you leads to paying jobs. *Lead Buying is an optional add-on to any of our other packages.

Accuracy of Information

By completing a Registration Form and using the Service you unconditionally confirm that:

You acknowledge and agree that, without the need for any further consent, Find it Near Me shall be entitled to contact directly the FCA (and/or any other applicable professional or certifying body), financial institutions, networks and any other body or organization which Find it Near Me may in its discretion decide, in order to verify your FCA authorization and any information posted on the Website or otherwise provided by you in connection with the Service, or to verify the validity of any information provided by a User posting feedback about your service. In the case of an individual representative of a financial advice firm we also reserve the right to contact their employer or any previous employer of such representative for the same purpose. You also acknowledge and agree that, without the need for any further consent, Find it Near Me shall be entitled to inform such bodies and organisations of any suspicions it may have concerning the authenticity of any information provided by you in connection with the Service.

The details provided by you in your Registration Form, profile template and in your online firm profile is true, fair and accurate in all material respects and complies with all applicable regulatory or statutory requirements;

You are registered as an Independent Financial
Adviser, you confirm that: you are an independent adviser (per the latest FCA definition) and you are able to provide fee-based advice to Clients; and you have accurately stated that you offer Independent advice in each product area (including but not limited to Investments, Pensions and Mortgages)

8 Compliance with law

You acknowledge and agree that in completing a Registration Form, participating in the Service and providing services to Clients you are required to inform yourself of and comply with all applicable laws, regulations and guidelines (whether mandatory or not) and Find it Near Me shall have no responsibility for reviewing or verifying your compliance.