How do I find a local financial adviser?

There two options:

1) You can visit our directory and select what you are looking for in an area.  A selection of advisers in the area will pop up.

2) You can use our matching service and we will suggest an IFA for you.

How do I contact a financial adviser?

The contact details for financial advisers are displayed on their listings. Advisers on the Find it Near Me directory do not make cold calls. It is up to you to make initial contact with the adviser.

If you choose the matching service we will contact IFAs for you and you will then get calls from our handpicked selection.

How do other search engine companies work?

Other search engine companies charge the financial adviser a monthly fee to be showcased. Some companies operate on a first come first served basis when an enquiry comes through, and other companies charge the adviser per lead.

How do I know if the firms are reliable and trustworthy?

It is a standard requirement that financial advisers, practising in UK, are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. All advisers on Find it Near Me will be guaranteed to this requirement. Premium listings on the site include the adviser's FCA number too.

What will it cost to meet with a financial adviser?

We encourage advisers to make initial client meetings, at their office or via video call, free. During or after the initial meeting, if a client decides they want to proceed to work with the adviser, the adviser will outline costs.

What happens in the initial meeting?

You express to the adviser your financial history and targets, then the adviser will suggest potential action to take. If you choose the matching service the IFA will already have some of this information and will be in a better place to suggest services.

What type of financial advisers are on Find it Near Me?

We only list independent financial advisers.

Is it likely there will be a financial adviser near me?

We have done our best to get listings for IFAs across Scotland. You can browse for large towns and cities by name and have a good chance of finding someone close by. We have also included constituencies so while the IFA may not be in your town, they may be within a 30 minute drive.

What on-going service should I expect from my financial adviser?

Most advisers have annual meetings with their client to review their assets, and ensure that future goals will be met.

I could save money by arranging the investment myself online, why would I go to a financial adviser?

Arranging an investment yourself is possible, but it has been shown that people who take advice from an expert are more likely to grow their money, and be better prepared for future financial goals. It can also reduce risk.

Is it important to have a Will?

Yes, it is important to outline how you want your assets to be passed on. It is part of a financial adviser’s responsibility to ensure you have a Will and that it is reviewed.

What is an executry service?

When a person passes away, contact must be made with HMRC to check whether there is inheritance tax to be paid, this process is called an executry service. It can be carried out by a solicitor or a financial adviser.

Do financial advisers give advice on Defined Benefit pension schemes ( also known as Final Salary pension schemes)?

It is dependent on the individual adviser whether they offer advice on Defined Benefit pension schemes.