Do I really need a financial adviser?

No matter how good you are with money, budgeting and saving, you will probably need professional financial advice at least once in your life. There are lots of huge milestones when independent financial advisers can help you. Plus, with things like pensions and investments, it can be very rewarding to work with an adviser on a regular, ongoing basis.

When is it time to find an adviser?

The best piece of advice we can offer is that you should speak to an IFA whenever there is a decision to make that involves a lot of money or significant change in your life. This includes:

  • Saving for or buying a home – including choosing a mortgage
  • Marriage or divorce
  • Starting a family
  • Setting up a business
  • Planning for retirement
  • Starting a pension
  • Investing
  • Entering long term care
  • Moving abroad

On top of this, receiving ongoing support from an independent financial adviser is really helpful in maximising your wealth. They can look at things like pensions and investments to ensure you are making the right moves. Regular reviews here are crucial to ensure you adapt to market changes.

Why is advice so invaluable?

When you are facing big changes in your life, it is great to talk to an expert. It is likely you won’t have a lot of experience or a great understanding of what to do in these situations. Therefore, you would be much better off getting help to make the important decisions.

While you may be able to get advice from family, friends, online and other sources, nothing compares to the support you get from a professional IFA. It gives you reassurance that someone with the right knowledge and skills is working for you.

A good adviser will prioritise your interests every time and work to provide the most value they can. When it comes to financial planning, they will look at your goals and how to achieve them. This can include plans that cover the medium to long term. They can guide you in what actions to take to secure your financial wellbeing.

If you need to choose financial products like mortgages, pension funds, stocks or other investment assets, and insurance, an IFA can help you to explore options. You get a lot more choice with independent financial advisers too because they are whole of market providers with access to more products. In addition, the adviser will ensure you choose appropriate products for your situation.


Some financial products and services are a one and done. For example you may choose life or home insurance and have a policy for decades. With things like pensions and investments, it is wise to review them on a regular basis. This gives you the chance to see how your money is growing and whether it could do better elsewhere.

Independent financial advisers are the best partners here. IFAs are proactive and can offer robust services and clear advice. What this does is help to maximise your wealth. They also have more freedom to move and reinvest your money thanks to their access to a wider array of funds.

How to find independent financial advisers?

Find It Near Me is Scotland’s only service that is dedicated to supporting and promoting IFAs. We work to help people find the right adviser for them. To do this, we give you the option of exploring experts in your local area or you can arrange a consultation with us. Here we will get to know as much as possible about your needs and then personally select an IFA near you that will be perfect for the job.

We actively work to build a fantastic community where people can connect to advisers and get access to first rate advice and resources. So, if you need any help at all, please choose us.