How valuable are credit scores?

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Today, credit is one of the most essential aspects of your financial power. With it you can get things you need now with a promise to pay for them at a later date. However, more and more people are becoming obsessed with their credit score. As the home of the most reliable independent financial advisers in Ayr, we want to take a close look at this. Below we will examine what your credit score is and how much value it actually offers. Continue reading “How valuable are credit scores?”

No deal for LV=

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At the end of last month we wrote a story about the battle for the future of LV=. It was one of the hottest topics in the industry, raising the question of who the deal was best for. Now it is time to look at the result and what it means for the company going forward. As the home of IFAs in Scotland and the best place to find independent financial advisers in Kirkcaldy, we want to give our expert input. Continue reading “No deal for LV=”

The definitive guide for retirement planning

Retirement planning

It may sound like a cliché but it really is never too early to start retirement planning. In fact, the things you do now can lay the foundations for a more pleasant time when you do retire. For example, the earlier you decide on things like pensions and investments, the more likely you are to have the wealth you need to live comfortably when you finish working. Speaking with independent financial advisers is really useful here too. Continue reading “The definitive guide for retirement planning”