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"I searched on google for a financial adviser and Unbiased came top of the list. It asked lots of questions about me and how much money I had. I was about to press the send button, panicked as where were my details being sent and left the site.  Decided to find a local IFA on FINM and gave them a call. It was a much easier experience."
Craig Boyle Glasgow
"Looked for an adviser on the internet and several companies came up. All wanted to ask what cash I had to invest but did not say where my details were going or who was going to contact me. Felt my privacy was being invaded and worried about scams so I used FINM instead. Their matching service was perfect."
Ewan Hunter Dundee
"FINM has one of the easiest services I’ve seen – they’ve made it really simple to use their directory to say I needed help with investing and choose my area. Then the listings were right there, including the name of the adviser for the top ones. The whole thing gave me more confidence in choosing a local adviser."
Millie Cameron Ayr